Having A Good Profile = The Key To Success

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As we all know, we have only 7 seconds to give a good first impression. They are almost impossible to reverse or undo and can lead to getting awarded or being ignored. Your profile is the first contact -maybe the only one- the employer will have with you. Why not make it count?

Many freelancers wonder why they’re not receiving projects while they are great freelancers. Well, believe it or not, your profile has a huge impact on your scores. That’s why we have a few tips you should consider when/for freelancing on the site.

1. Make sure to have a great profile picture

What’s the first thing we see when we open a profile? The photo. Your profile picture can give us an idea of who you are and how you work. Make sure to have a good quality professional picture. You can add a photo of yourself if you have a personal account, or a nice logo if you are an agency.


2. Write a great description

When the employers are looking for a freelancer, they’d like to know who they’ll be working with. So once your profile picture gets the approval of the client, your profile brief will turn to be under the spotlight. My advice: keep it short and sweet. Pay attention to grammar and spelling, and make sure to present yourself as who you really are. You can take advantage of this section to show your strengths!zq1OLvj3O76-iEPyXNbPHm08Rdl3DsdvP34xX9lEuqTEofrzy0WgkKlsxGi1CRcYaRluBJnSYDykeSxt_HJ3jbpJf-u4KLZW4yBh9xGMQPx3P4dKijKR8RUaq-PaIdjisQWYXTEl

3. Share your work experience

Your work experience is also important. You should mention your skills and experience on the description, so make sure to add some items into your portfolio. Just like your profile picture, the items you show will give a visual impression of the quality of your work. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Make sure you’re giving the right message!



4. Make sure to work hard and get great reviews!

They’ll take a look at the feedbacks you received. If you’re part of the Preferred Freelancer Program, I’m sure you have great reviews. Keep it up and give your employers an awesome experience.

5. Get certified

All the certifications you get will look great in your profile. They give an idea on how well you know the skills. Besides, the employers will be able to see it on your bids.Z-6s5HT7NG1VpBPmvbP6FQAe7QpC-soiQ-mGV0avTnfiY8dxwP-uvhFPlEENeOGnaDXAxJqQJgFh0xWso5j-yFbsuWayJoWi4xfeA-te0SnMTcS1cA6ZzYGU0U4hoKlBr_J5mLdv

6.  Get a Corporate Membership

You’ll be able to classify your portfolio. You could create sections by skills and let the employers focus on what they need.


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