SEO: White Hat vs Black Hat

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You might be wondering about the kind of website content practices that search engine companies such as Google allow. There are some that are considered ethical, while others could be viewed as improper. This article will briefly discuss which methods search engines permit and what will merit exclusion from their list.

All in the Algorithm

SEO essentially stands for search engine optimization. It is the means through which natural search results are derived when a user performs a search on sites such as Yahoo!, Bing and Google. It basically helps search engines find the right information that they are looking for, which means that this must be done consistently in a relatively short amount of time. Search engines accomplish this with the use of an evolving algorithm designed to choose which websites contain the information you are looking for and rank the best matches higher on the results page.

How it is Found

In the world of SEO, content is king. You want to view a webpage because of the information it has that you need. That information is usually composed of words and phrases that are relevant to you, based on what you searched for. Aside from finding and identifying key words in the body of the webpage, a search engine will also consider the title of the webpage itself. The algorithm helps narrow down its results to those that are only about the words used in the search.

Links between websites is also a determining factor. It is akin to a recommendation from one independent website to another saying that its information is good. Viewed from the perspective of a search engine, a lot of links coming from different trusted websites help boost a webpage’s ranking. Most importantly, the words used in the links itself help point to a webpage’s location with more accuracy. This is true especially when it comes from the more established websites. For the purposes of ranking higher on a result page for a specific search, consistent, fresh content and credible links will aid its reputation with search engines.

Best Practices

White hat SEO is essentially the practice of providing great content that's designed to target a human audience, and one that faithfully adheres to the guidelines of search engine companies. A website can ethically improve its ranking through this.

The main purpose of white hat SEO is to have useful information for the reader by helping it be found through the utilization of related keywords and accepted link building strategies. These websites are in for the long-term, lending genuine assistance to its intended market.

Money First Before Service                 

The tactics that are considered as black hat SEO are those that are designed to intentionally trick the search engine into giving a webpage a higher ranking without considering the value it provides to the user. Keyword stuffing, content automation, stealthy redirects, and invisible links or texts are but a few examples. These strategies do not follow the rules and policies of search engines, nor do they focus on a human audience. Its main purpose is usually to get a quick financial or strategic gain, leaving its targeted audience with a product or service with little or no value.

Search engines usually ban websites that follow this business model. However, this does not matter to expert black hat practitioners because they are not in it for the long haul. You may want to skip websites that fall under this description, or practitioners who offer these services. The Internet contains far too many better options that are worthy of your time.


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