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Want to write a book but am struggling with character developing, as I'm not a writer and didn't do this before. The book will be about a teenager who developed super-human like abil...

10 £100 GBP Dec 16, 2018 1 semana, 1 día Publica un Concurso Similar

CONTEST GOAL: Create a unique and luxurious packaging design for a new brand of insoles - Solette - new and unique message, air and antibacterial insoles. Insole design enclosed. P...

15 $300 USD Dec 16, 2018 1 semana, 6 días Publica un Concurso Similar

I will need different designs for facebookheaders for Silent Disco-consept. Logo is attached.. It needs to have place for: City Venuename Date text for websites. Facebookbanner: I...

72 $300 USD Dec 15, 2018 1 semana Publica un Concurso Similar

I am looking to have a design to show what we are about. There are three words on the outside (Nutrition, Fitness and Accountability). Keep them in the same position as the picture. I...

131 $100 USD Dec 13, 2018 2 días, 12 horas Publica un Concurso Similar

I own an online marketing firm that's based in the USA and I'm looking to work with a freelancer/team of freelancers who can help with some of our website development and design needs. ...

27 $250 USD Dec 13, 2018 3 semanas, 4 días Publica un Concurso Similar

Tshirt Logo Company: "Jungle Nation Apparel" Please IGNORE THE TITLE ! I want T-Shirt Designs with the company name on it... This brand is a lot like PACSUN so that's the style ...

122 $30 USD Dec 12, 2018 6 días, 17 horas Publica un Concurso Similar

I need a logo design. We already have a logo to our small maintenance company, however we will add a new service ( AC duct and kitchen hood cleaning) we wil...

134 $120 USD Dec 12, 2018 1 día, 7 horas Publica un Concurso Similar

Hi there, We want you to create a logo for our new company. We are going to open a Barber shop. Our name is: EKKO Since : 2010 We are in Warsaw (Warszawa) - Poland We are looking ...

156 $100 USD Dec 11, 2018 3 días, 9 horas Publica un Concurso Similar