WOMEN ONLY - VOICE ACTRESS - Record this short script either on your phone, or...

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WOMEN ONLY - VOICE ACTRESS - Record this short script either on your phone, or a more professional recorder.

Should take longer than 10 minutes to record and send from phone.

TV Show opportunity: Simons Lab Inc.

TV SHOW Summary: Simons Lab is a show based on a scientist long past, who invented a weapon which dumps alien creatures onto cities via portals. 99% of the creatures die instantly as they can only survive on the planet they came from..... but 1% of the aliens survive, several different species, some of which are incredibly advanced. The creatures are not happy. And neither are the humans being attacked by these complicated new weapon systems, which cannot be shot down or stopped.

Lorena... has surviving a helicopter crash while trying to escape the city. She holds her bleeding arm, as she limps across a vast field, and down into a creek. A building gets hit by something in the distance. Limping away... wild thoughts run through her head......

Script Lorena's thoughts to herself:
Read as follows as if youre talking to yourself

my mom..............my sister.....(sad)
wtf(traumatized voice)
wtf was that(traumatized voice)
Where is this coming from
who would do this
wtf, wtf, wtf
no no no no no
this cant be happening

Time passes more calm:

The skies have turned green, I can taste the air
This cant be good
Those poor people
wtf were those creatures??, wtffffffff
theyre so ugly
I dont get it
Whats happening
why is this happening....
no no no nooooooo (sad)

where am I supposed to go

Time passes

Calm: Talking to self as if writing in diary:

Ive been out here for two days now
I havent slept
Im so hungry, I feel so weak
last night was so messed up
What was that....
those blue explosions in the distance
was that military...
I just don't get it
Those explosions were so big
I saw someone this morning............I hid, in the bushes
I heard people screaming all night, like really bad
like they were being tortured
.....(wimper)...it sounded like they were getting ripped apart
you could hear the bones crunch... and then the screams would stop
And then the screams would start up again, but somewhere else
And theyd stop.
Im so fucking scared
god if youre up there, please, please, please just tell me this is a dreammmmm...
Ill do anything, just make sure my mom and sister are ok, and please get me out of here alive, Ill do anything, please...

Last night I heard screams again. Crunching bones from the building nearby... I know whoever that is, theyre not ok. They are not ok... I know theyre dead. (wimper)
wtf.....(really scared)................(wimper)
I need to get out of here..........I need to go

Im getting so hungry
ok,ok, ok...ok...keep it together
lets go Lorena, you can do this
.....wait till dark..............no......morning
As soon as the sun starts coming up
what is that
WTF is thattttt
Oh my godddddddd....(elevated voice)
I need a weapon
ok......... lets go.....
let's go lets go lets go lets gooooo (elevated nervous voice and she skimpers like a rat through bushes and along walls)
ok...whoooooooh... I need a gun..
where can I find a gun

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“Fantastic voice talent. She really got into it. I enjoyed her tone and being able to translate the script into exactly out it should sound. Would recommend Highly”

Imagen del perfil ada57e5ac84ebf03, Canada.

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  • WarriorNonStop
    • 1 mes atrás

    Please check my entry :)

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    1. ada57e5ac84ebf03
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  • globaltraveller
    • 1 mes atrás

    Thanks for sending me your thoughts, glad you were able to listen to it! All the best!

    • 1 mes atrás
    1. ada57e5ac84ebf03
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      • 1 mes atrás

      Thanks M W.

      • 1 mes atrás
  • globaltraveller
    • 1 mes atrás

    Hi, I sent you my entry via email. This is the Canadian lady, hope you liked it!

    • 1 mes atrás
  • media9941
    • 1 mes atrás

    Please change entry format to Mp3 or a Video Format,

    • 1 mes atrás
    1. ada57e5ac84ebf03
      Organizador del concurso
      • 1 mes atrás

      How do I do that?

      • 1 mes atrás

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