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    Consistency and generalized description of the project to be executed: The present project aims to generate a simulation, computerized recreation based on the following software : - Unity 3D - Blend...36.6 seconds, then the air should come out. * 56 balls according to the weight details provided, since there is a weight difference and we are applying the same force on all objects, the lighter ball should move faster, so it changes the probability. * the turbine will be turned on for the indicated time, after that time we will simulate the suction and make the balls come out based on random physics simulation. This should be a digitized simulation and the following examples are attached.

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    ...profesores cualificados que sepan desarrollarse de forma cómoda y eficaz en sus áreas,gerencia empresarial,ingenieria,matemáticas,finanzas,contabilidad,marketing,etc. mientras sea una persona que sepa desarrollarse bien en su área me interesa, necesito freelancers cualificados I need a team of qualified teachers who know in the areas of finance, accounting, mathematics, marketing, advertising, physics, chemistry,computing, any area where the person offering the services is qualified and responsible in order to provide the client with a quality service...

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    I am an artist and I would like to reach an audience specific to the message of my art. I make a style of art that I think is new and I would like to reach a target audience that could be an intersection between art lovers, photography, and any branch of spirituality, how can they be targeted to yoga meditation Taichi reiki quantum physics etc. soy artista y quisiera llegar a un público Específico al mensaje de mi arte. Realizo un estilo de arte que creo que es nuevo y me gustaría llegar a un público objetivo que podría ser una intersección entre los amantes del arte, La fotografía, y cualquier rama de la espiritualidad, cómo puede ser que estén apuntados a yoga meditación Taichi reiki física cuán...

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    Se necesita modelar y dejar con physics y dinámicas un vestido de mujer en la cual reaccione al movimiento de una mujer que baila con un traje típico de Colombia. Es solo modelarno y generarles los Maps, no render y la parte de rigging, debe quedar funcional para personaje en iclone y 3d max. No se tiene que hacer render pero si dejar animada la FALDA mujer, promedio de animacion 2 minutos sin render , SOLO MODELADO Y ANIMACION Y MAPPING, NO RENDER. Se entrega captura de movimiento (FBX) . REFERENCIA video de referencia en: Es solo la falda de la MUJER, VESTIDO PERSONAJES Y HOMBRE YA ESTAN RENDERIZADOS. Aclaramos 2 veces , ya que me están llegando propuestas con valores elevados, debido a que no se ha entendido aún, que es solo la

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    C# Tengo una libreria de Physics 2D - Necesito alguien que documente como funciona a nivel codigo y conceptual Busco talento Mexicano en freelancing Gracias

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    Here the exercices: IF YOU NEED HELP TO TRANSLATE FROM SPANISH SEND ME A MESSAGE FAST PAYMENT 1) Halla el valor en Pascales de las siguientes unidades de presión: a) 13 kg/cm2; b) 30.5 lb/in2 (PSI); c) 1200 mB 2) Un hombre de 70 kg de masa está parado y apoyado en sus dos pies. La superficie de apoyo de cada zapato es de 200 cm2. ¿Cuál será la presión, expresada en Pascales, ejercida sobre el suelo? 3) Una aguja hipodérmica de sección 0,01 mm2 se clava en la piel con una fuerza de 50 N. ¿Cuál es presión ejercida? 4) Sobre un émbolo de sección 3 cm2 que se mueve dentro de un pistón se coloca una masa de 20 kg. ¿Qué presión ejerce en el flui...

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    I need a medical writer. 5 días left

    I need someone who has knowledge of biomedical physics.

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    I will be elaborating an article on the physics of sounds and need an expert engineer in the area physics of sound to answer some questions. Topics description: 1 - Introduction: sound characteristics 2 - The Sound Continuum 3 - The eavesdropping 4 - Theories of communication (sound) 5 - The Voice and Speech 6 - Music 7 - Soundscape 8 - Time and Rhythm SOUND CHARACTERISTICS Basic characteristics of sound from the physical and psychoacoustic point of view, as well as in its possible representations. It seeks to affirm basic concepts. Sound characteristics Periodic and aperiodic sounds Width and Height Envelope Height Spectral Acoustics AudacityURL - Sound editing and Visualization program. Physical acoustics Physical model of sound. Dynamic envelope concept. periodic waves...

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    Hi, we have a lab view program that controls an electron gun (Kimball Physics) and reads current from electrometer based on trigger. Electron gun strikes the metal/dielectric sample with stream of electrons as we sweep from electron energy level of 10 eV to 1000 eV in different number of steps and current flows from the sample towards electrometer. In addition, we want to add an option to read voltages from Tektronix TDS 320 oscilloscope based on trigger.

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    build me a game 3 días left

    Hi, we've got an app created in flutter, but animation and physics is not finished as well as the logic is not done. Basically there's one page which has pong like physics and animation created in flutter using flame library. How much would you charge to finalize it? Regards Lydic.

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    I'm looking for someone very experienced in Unreal 5 to give guidance and support on cinematic sequencer projects. Looking for expertise in character manipulation, camera, socket attachments, and baking physics simulations. This will be a multi-project arrangement so looking for someone with an hourly rate looking to pickup hours here and there.

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    We are looking for Mechanical engineers with and in-depth understanding of physics ,the concepts of flight, propulsion and production methods. To build as well as test various systems and subsystems to bring the prototype to use within our business . In addition a wide understanding of materials and how they behave in the environment.

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    I am Looking for someone familiar with Mechanics, Waves/Acoustics, Thermodynamics, Electromagnetism, Optics, Modern Physics. I will share more details in chat.

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    Need an Android App 8 horas left

    Need an android app like the below - Solve objective physics NEET questions, NEET biology MCQs, and chemistry NEET practice questions designed as per the latest syllabus of NEET. Recall learnings from the NEET book for medical for free with explained solutions present on this NEET prep app. Most authentic NEET question bank with 90% of NEET question paper MCQs directly being repeated from the Darwin NEET exam preparation app. Appear in customized NEET mock tests for each subject and level up your preparation for NEET with the daily NEET exam practice tests designed by subject experts as per NEET chapter wise weightage. Practice NEET previous papers, free mock tests for NEET, and revise effectively on this NEET preparation app. Best NEET doubt solving app which allows you to share ...

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    ...Realise its a big project so will expand continuously with long term work potential. At some stage would want to add AI Cars and AI pedestrians that can be adjusted by time of day and certain events like AI car running through red lights. The car physics are important in terms of road surfaces. Also want ability to set weather conditions as well which will impact a variety of vehicle behaviours. First stage is say a small city of 20-30 roads, right hand drive mid sized sedan, telemetry feed of vehicle for motion platform, all road physics (including lanes, signage etc) "live" so we can determine when driver crosses lanes, dosnt stop, exceeds speed limit - and then start expanding. We have no knowledge of Unreal but have been told thats the best to utilise....

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    Rendering rockets 2 días left

    Hi Nima C., I would like to offer you my project, appropriate for someone in the Houston area! I just got a physics paper on rocket stages accepted, and have crude 3D models (in TinkerCAD) of 4 rockets to be raced against each other. The journal likes authors to provide a promo video clip. I hope you could help me produce a more realistic scene of these rockets in space, with a "fly-around" movie of them (a la 2001 a Space Odyssey). Mid-to-late June is fine.

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    ...AND SMOKE BOMBS) particle assets will be provided 5Make FPS MULTIPLAYR AI have hit reactions using this asset 6Improve FPS MULTIPLAYER AI movements they need to move more realistically they need to walk crouch and run 7Improve FPS MULTIPLAYER AI: make ai have death anims that work with physics 8Make players have ability to launch drone attacks from ground on specific areas around the map (the player can utillize this abilty 3x/ basically the player needs to be able to pick a spot and call a drone strike once the strikle is called a missle needs to land in that spot causeing a large explosion ASSETS )DRONE

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    Hi, need someone to implement a character controller to control the mesh/character in my game engine which i have written from scratch in C++, i have set guidelines on how to do it and you’ll have to use bullet physics library and LUA as well. Please get in touch and i’ll send more details.

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    Hi, need someone to implement a character controller to control the mesh/character in my game engine which i have written from scratch in C++, i have set guidelines on how to do it and you’ll have to use bullet physics library and LUA as well. Please get in touch and i’ll send more details.

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    2 ofertas, but things can change within time. After Minecraft introduced the 1.8 Minecraft Java Edition update, they tweaked the pvp or ‘player versus player’ physics, to stop players from what we like to call ‘block hitting’. However, this wasn’t the biggest problem, as the version 1.7 was still compatible to play on the same servers as the 1.8 version. But when the update for version 1.9 came along, it would hold players in a considerably old version for many years to come. I am currently looking for a Java Developer who is current with the situation of Minecraft, who thinks they can create a mod for me that completely changes the pvp physics of Minecraft 1.18 back to 1.7. The task at hand is of a large, more complex one, but I do believe that it...

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    I would like to narrate for a writer to script. The scope of my ideas can also be supplied in the form of multiple quotations, from myself and others, others would have to be referenced normatively. this book will be an Historical, Bio-Graphical, Scientifical, Philosophical Book. I would appreciate a writer who appreciates historical, bio-graphical, scientifical...appreciates historical, bio-graphical, scientifical, philosophical factual content. I am a Managing Director of a Mutli- Cooperate, with offices in Pretoria, South Africa. This book though is a virtue of my past 11 years of Theological Studies. The writer must allow the nature of factual content to dominate the mind. P.S Science in the manner of ability to grasp (or desire to grasp) scientific content (physics, chemistry,...

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    We are looking for a senior game developer who has great Unity skills. A top-class Unity develop...identifying bottlenecks, and ensuring the quality of the finished product. You may also be required to build patches and install game updates. Requirements: • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, or a similar field. • Previous experience working as a unity or Unity3D developer. • In-depth knowledge of unity and Unity3D software. • Knowledge of 3D development and integrated game physics. • Experience with console and mobile game development. • Good communication skills. • Experience with memory and space optimization. • Knowledge of scripting, animation, session management, and textures. • Good troubleshooting s...

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    Hi Prashant it's Tobias again. This is the project to setup a way to use realistic physics of the paddles (oars) interacting with the water to move the raft. And adjust the height of the player. The project outline will be attached. As well as the raft and oars .unitypackage. You will need the unity assets River Auto Material and Autohand for this task.

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    Look of website must me good, use some animations also. Website will have a student login and teacher login. teacher will be able to create new class, using a button there. New class will be like box on dashboard. Their will be classes for 5 subjects ONLY. Teacher will get a dropdown option of the class he wants to take. Class will be of - Mathematics , Physics, Chemistry, Economics and History. each box will have class name, teacher taking that class and timing. Class will have some timings, after which that class bow on dashboard will go to 'previous classes' section. Their will be 2 login and signup sections, one for teacher and one for student Student can login and attend a class from dashboard. When a student will click on a class on dashboard, webcam will recognize h...

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    I need a freelancer who can create MCQs of Physics for preparation for JEE advanced. MCQs should have a Hint and explanation. It should be in Microsoft word format. MCQs. No copy-paste content. Need 4 different difficulty levels of MCQs. Need at least 150 MCQQs per chapter

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    As discussed please prepare a scientific framework for the constraints discussed earlier and valudate the writer's work for sequel to be inline with the framework

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    Optical design Finalizado left

    I am looking for someone who good in optics or physics especially in geometrical optics. I attached sample work but exact work will different. I will prefer low budget request or bid .

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can create MCQs with Hints and explanations for science ( Physics. chemistry and biology). Freelancers should have experience in tutoring and have good knowledge of science.

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    Help in Physics Finalizado left

    I need help in Physics. I have all details of the work.

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    Need someone with supreme physics knowledge, especially mechanics at the university level. No prior teaching experience required, just demonstrated physics skills. Note: It is a one time yet fairly paid opportunity however, we WILL require to test you with 2-3 mechanics 1st or 2nd year level questions to test your skills and you must answer with clear written working and a approach you can explain today itself (this is a very urgent task). If you are not willing to get tested for your skills you will not be considered as checking your skills is the most important thing for us before talking about money or any offer.

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    Hi, I am looking for an experienced react developer who could help me with a project. I need to migrate a javascript game into the react.js ecosystem. The game has detailed and precise mechanics and game logic already defined. The game consists of a gameplay area, game elements that the player manipulates, and a scoring system based on players accuracy. The main game specifics are the physics of falling objects and scoring based on that accuracy. Additional functionalities that I would need when migrating the game into the react js is the possibility to call pop-up screens based on a number of falling objects OR score. The game that needs migration is here React npm start should compile the game source code so we can modify it along with out react

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    SEO for tuition centre in Singapore for Physics tuition

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    I need freelancer who has deep knowledge of Physics and can create MCQs of Physics . These MCQs will be used for preparation of JEE entrance and JEE advanced. Each MCQ should have 4 choices , followed by alphabet of right choice Hint and elaborate explanation. Content should be plagiarism free. We pay 1 USD for 15 MCQs. JEE entrance and advanced have 11 and 12th grade syllabus.

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    circuit expert Finalizado left

    looking for a sharp electrical engineer who loves robotics, motors should have good physics background message for project details

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    physics expert -- 2 Finalizado left

    physics expert will be quickly tested prior to hiring

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    physics expert Finalizado left

    general physics expert will be quickly tested prior to hiring

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    Non Swiss Start-Up Finalizado left

    ...Artificial intelligence, Internet of things, deep learning, machine learning, data science, image processing, systems, development, Wearable technology, programming, robotics, batteries, social media design, sensor, motion sensor, deep neural network, natural language processing, artificial neural network, electronics, wireless communication, virtual assistant AR & VR development, engineering, physics, engineering, design, research, development, problem-solving, open-minded, creative, microcontroller, computer hardware design, microcontroller programming, nanotechnology, microtechnology, computer hardware, camera process engineering, process development, computer engineering, computer science, computer scientist & researcher, PCB design, electrical engineering. Nanoengine...

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    I have my exam in one week, I am a quick learner, but I only need to achieve grade E in this subject, I need help with fast learn large amount information in short time. Looking for experienced ppl in AS level tutoring with this subject Price for the tutoring is negotiable

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    Imagine all the items within metaverse are as same as the items in physics world which contains real physics data, and your interaction with the metaverse world would be not only visually accurate but reflects the real world with real-time rendering and ultimately each metaverse won’t be isolated, your identity and items can interact in different metaverses with interoperability. That is what we want to build, a tech driven futurealistic metaverse website

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    Mechanical/Physics/Maths tutor required who can solve questions of mechanical engineering, Physics, Math with 100 % assurance. Having excellent knowledge or Expert in the field of mechanical engineering... A person who is ready to take work hard and give his/her 100% effort. **A hardworking person required**

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    1. Should have experience in video analytics especially with moving objects 2. Should have knowledge and expertise in algorithms in video analytics 3. Should have experience in IoT using Raspberry Pi 4. Knowledge and expertise in Python especially with using libraries 5. Must be willing to visit client location on and off6. Good understanding of Physics

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    The goal is to write a code for a project mostly based on Theoretical Physics.

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    We are looking for a senior game developer who has great Unity skills. A top-class Unity develop...identifying bottlenecks, and ensuring the quality of the finished product. You may also be required to build patches and install game updates. Requirements: • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, or a similar field. • Previous experience working as a unity or Unity3D developer. • In-depth knowledge of unity and Unity3D software. • Knowledge of 3D development and integrated game physics. • Experience with console and mobile game development. • Good communication skills. • Experience with memory and space optimization. • Knowledge of scripting, animation, session management, and textures. • Good troubleshooting s...

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    I'm using currently Fusion 360 to design different shape of water rotors. The idea would be to simulate somehow the water flow on the rotor shape to find the best solution. The rotors can for example look something like this: I should be able to take different designs and run the water physics simulation on it.

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    ...Jumping - Already Implemented Custom Gravity and Alignment - Implemented already Walk/Sprint/Run - Initially Implemented Max Walkable Slope on any Z-Up - Not Implemented SpaceWalk/EVA Mode - Mostly Implemented Aim Offset - Not Implemented MagBoots Mode - Implemented Surface Sliding - Not Implemented Some of these are already implemented but not fully tested. I basically have a movement based on a physics approach and the game cannot use the ACharacter class. The GeneralMovementComponent plugin implements a very good replication model that I intent on using in the game. Also, the game should use a dynamic Up vector for walking on spherical planets - that's why I don't want to use the default Unreal character. Hence the need to implement the movement behaviors considerin...

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    Acuerdo de Confidencialidad
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    I need immediate answers only (no equations) to these questions: 1) Aaron is orbiting the planet Candan in his spaceship of mass 9,123 kg. To remain in orbit at 3,413 km from the planet's center, he maintains a speed of 67 m/s. What is the mass (in kg) of the planet Candan? If you need to express your answer in scientific notation you can use 'E' for the exponent. Eg. 10 = 1.0E1 and 0.01 = 1.0E-2 . Include 3 decimal places in your answer. Do not include units in your answer.

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    ...for improvement and optimization; • Prepare new algorithms for deployment and support deployment to production; • Monitor algorithms metrics, statistics and performance; • Work in a team and collaborate with other colleagues to contribute into common knowledge base; • Manage individual project priorities, deadlines and deliverables Key Requirements: • BA/MS/PhD degree in Computer Science, Physics, Math or similar; • Strong mathematical background in Machine Learning and Deep Learning; • Over 3 years of work experience in Machine Learning; • Understand the principles of computer science algorithms and data structures, familiar with mathematical computing, including but not limited to statistical models, linear algebra, machine lear...

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    Physics project Finalizado left

    Hi Rostislav S., i saw your bid on one of my project. I am happy to discuss

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    ...models. Numerical models could be used to study: - The propagation of waves through the harbour entrance formed between the new and old breakwater. - The stability of a rock armour breakwater. You should use published literature to identify and review numerical models suitable for modelling these two phenomena. You should: - Explain the underlining principle of the model (or models), such as what physics is being modelled and what assumption are being made. It is not necessary to present the mathematics behind the models, but you should demonstrate you understand the underlying modelling principle. - Identify any limitations in the numerical model, and any potential advantages compared to the empirical design equations. - Review case studies / academic studies that have used th...

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    Principales artículos de la comunidad physics