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Civil Engineering is a diverse and essential discipline that deals with the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of infrastructure projects such as buildings, bridges, roads, railways, and more. By hiring a skilled and experienced Civil Engineer, you can ensure that your project is executed efficiently and effectively on all fronts. From preparing detailed drawings and specifications to overseeing the construction process and ensuring compliance with safety regulations, civil engineers can help you transform your vision into reality.

Here's some projects that our expert Civil Engineers made real:

  • Design and structural calculations for residential extensions
  • Revit modelling for structural elements in building projects
  • Roof refurbishment and repair plans
  • Water treatment plant designs and engineering support
  • Investigation of mold issues and solutions for water leaks in buildings
  • Drafting driveway, grading, and drainage plans using AutoCAD

The possibilities are endless when it comes to utilizing's extensive pool of talented Civil Engineers. Our professionals have completed numerous projects across various sectors, providing clients with top-notch technical expertise and creative solutions to their infrastructure needs.

Whether you have a small home extension project or a large-scale commercial development, provides an easy platform for connecting with qualified Civil Engineers who can bring your ideas to life. Don't miss out on the opportunity to tap into this valuable resource by posting your own project today. Join our satisfied clients who have experienced the benefits of working with expert Civil Engineers at

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    Tengo un levantamiento topográfico del terreno y busco sobre este plano realizar el diseño profesional de una granja pecuaria. Todos los espacios están previamente definidos en un esquema de power point pero necesito un plano realista con el calculo adecuado de los espacios y las proporciones. Inicialmente un plano 2D; pero en una segunda fase, los planos 3D y renders del proyecto. El proyecto contará con 3 galpones grandes, zona de desinfección, bodega de despacho, clasificación y almacenamiento de materias primas. Suena complejo pero es bastante simple al ser estructuras livianas sin mucho detalle arquitectónico. Categoría: Ingeniería y Arquitectura Subcategoría: Dibujos en CAD ¿Qué necesitas?: Creaci&o...

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    - Tesis de ingeniería civil - Tema: Zonificación de Capacidad de Carga Admisible de suelo y demanda sísmica en la zona sur de la ciudad de Guayaquil. - Se solicita: Elaboración del capítulo 4. - Indicaciones: a) Calcular las cargas para una edición de 2 plantas. b) Se adjunta imagen de la zona 1, sobre la cual se trabajará. c) El documento “zonas” contiene los puntos de la zona a realizar, con dicho dato se debe delimitar la zona. d) El archivo “TS5630” es el último avance enviado al estudiante. e) Se adjuntan audios con indicaciones del docente y un material de PowerPoint como guía.

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    Concrete Mix Design for 40 MPa 6 días left

    As a civil engineer, I am seeking assistance for a specific project. I need to create a concrete mix design that achieves a compressive strength of 40 MPa which will be used in high-temperature environments. The primary requirements for this project include: - Designing a high-quality, durable concrete mix - Achieving a compressive strength of 40 MPa - Ensuring that the mix is suitable for use in high-temperature conditions The ideal freelancer for this job will have: - A strong background in civil engineering, particularly in concrete mix design - Previous experience working on projects that involve concrete mix design for high-strength applications or high-temperature conditions - Proven expertise in creating concrete mixes that meet specific requirements Please note that this projec...

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    I'm in need of a structural engineer who can assist with the design calculations and construction drawings for a commercial building. The project will involve: - Design Calculations: You'll be required to perform the necessary calculations to ensure that the building's structure is both safe and compliant with relevant regulations. This will involve considering factors such as the building's intended use, its size, and the materials that will be used in its construction. - Construction Drawings: You'll need to create detailed drawings of the building's structure, showing how the various components fit together and where the load-bearing elements will be located. These drawings will be used by the construction team to guide their work, so they'll need to...

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    I'm seeking a professional engineer to draw and calculate loads for my gable patio cover, measuring 16ft wide by 20ft long. This cover will be integrated into the existing roof of my house. - Primary Purpose: The principal goal of building this cover is to provide rain protection for the patio space, ensuring it remains useable even during rainy weather. - Material Preference: The cover should be crafted from wood, maintaining a classic aesthetic that aligns with my design preferences. - Additional Features: Although no additional features have been specified at this stage, the chosen freelancer should be prepared to offer recommendations or accommodate requests as the project progresses. Ideal Skills: - Expertise in carpentry - Experience in patio cover or similar instal...

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    I'm seeking a seasoned professional to lead a light gauge steel construction project for a single-storey residential building. The aesthetic should be distinctly traditional. Key Responsibilities: - Develop and implement a detailed construction plan - Adhere to industry standards while ensuring safety measures - Manage materials cost-effectively Ideal Candidate: - Proven experience in light gauge steel construction - Ability to design and execute a traditional style residential building - Familiarity with single-storey construction is a must.

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    I am currently seeking a well-versed and competent Estimation Engineer for a construction project. The ideal candidate should have: - Proven experience in Construction Cost Analysis. - Strong Project Management skills. Key responsibilities in this role: - Preparing cost estimates: You will be required to prepare accurate cost estimates for the entire construction project. - Analyzing project requirements: You will be required to analyze the project's requirements in order to accurately prepare cost estimates. The ideal candidate possesses a solid understanding of cost estimates in the construction industry. Your expertise in this area is essential for the success of our project.

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    I'm looking for a professional bridge designer with experience in creating steel structures that can withstand urban conditions. The project involves designing a small, durable steel bridge for pedestrian use in a high-traffic, polluted urban area. Key requirements: - The bridge must be designed specifically for pedestrian use. - It should be constructed from steel, considering its strength and durability. - The design should take into account the harsh urban environment, which includes pollution and high levels of usage. - Past work in similar projects is essential. If you have experience in designing steel structures for pedestrian use in urban areas, I'd love to see examples of your work. Please include them in your application. I am attaching a small sketch for better unde...

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    I'm currently seeking a skilled and experienced individual in construction management, specifically with proficiency in cost estimation for residential construction. The ideal candidate should have: - In-depth knowledge of construction management, particularly cost estimation - Strong understanding of residential construction projects - Experience in tutoring or professional knowledge-sharing Your assistance will help me better understand the nuances and details of cost estimation for residential construction and improve my skills in this field.

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    I require the services of visiting engineers to assist in the valuation of a residential property in the South Gujarat region. Key Requirements: - Detailed Property Inspection: The engineers will need to thoroughly inspect the property in order to make an accurate valuation. This should include a careful examination of both the interior and exterior of the property. - Property Valuation Report: The engineers must provide a comprehensive report detailing the valuation of the property. This report should be well-organized, accurate and clearly explain the valuation process and outcome. - Advice on Property Improvement: I would also like the engineers to provide some recommendations on how to improve the property's value. This could include suggestions for renovations, repairs or other...

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    We have a bump that's arisen in my dining room adjacent to our deck. We believe it's the floor beam being levered upwards by the deck joist. I believe the floor beam might be shaved to remedy this, but I'm not completely certain, so I'm seeking a professional's advice. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in structural inspection and repair - Ability to determine what remedies exist - Has experience working with floors Tasks to Be Completed: - Inspect the damage in my dining room -Check under the (large) crawl space for any structural issues - Make an informed decision on what needs to be done - Provide me with a detailed report of the damage and suggested repair process.

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    Multi-Project Estimator 5 días left

    I'm looking for a civil estimator to provide high-level cost estimations for a range of projects. My projects typically span residential, commercial, and infrastructure sectors. The ideal freelancer for this project should have: - Proven experience with civil engineering cost estimation - Ability to provide high-level estimations - Knowledge of different project types (residential, commercial, infrastructure) - Ability to deliver accurate and timely estimates. If you have experience with multi-project cost estimation and understand the complexities of different types of projects, I'd love to hear from you.

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    I'm in need of a civil engineer with valuable experience for project estimate and planning. The project will coming under review that requires meticulous planning and innovative design to make the best use of the space. Key Tasks: - Designing an efficient construction project: design is crucial to ensure the smooth operation of the complex. - Utility layout: The engineer will be responsible for planning the placement of utilities on the site including water, power and sewer systems. Ideal candidates should have: - Proven experience in site planning and civil engineering, especially in commercial projects. - Knowledge of traffic and parking lot design. - Expertise in utility layout and management. - An eye for detail and the ability to creatively optimize space. This project is ...

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    I am looking for a structural engineer who can consult on the stability of a supporting concrete wall that is less than 10 feet high. Key aspects of the project include: - Determining the current level of stability. - Offering practical solutions for improvement if necessary. My ideal freelancer would have a solid background in civil engineering, particularly with concrete and structural integrity assessment. Experience in remedial works strategy would be a plus. This person should have a hands-on approach to solving problems and be capable of providing practical, cost-effective solutions. This is a one-off job requiring an inspection and written report, and might potentially involve a follow-up consultation. Your bid should cover your time and expertise for these aspects.

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    I am in need of a professional CDR writer. My ideal writer should have: - Experience in writing Competency Demonstration Reports (CDR) according to MSA booklet. - Ability to effectively showcase the candidate's skills and experience in the desired format. - A portfolio of past successful CDRs that led to positive skill assessments. In your proposal, please include your past work, particularly any successful CDRs. This will help me assess your experience and suitability for the project.

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    I am in need of a professional CDR writer. My ideal writer should have: - Experience in writing Competency Demonstration Reports (CDR) according to MSA booklet. - Ability to effectively showcase the candidate's skills and experience in the desired format. - A portfolio of past successful CDRs that led to positive skill assessments. In your proposal, please include your past work, particularly any successful CDRs. This will help me assess your experience and suitability for the project.

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    I'm seeking a skilled draftsman electrical engineer, civil or architect to create a schematic line diagram for an upcoming construction project. The diagram will focus solely on the electrical systems within the structure. Key Project Details: - Diagram Style: The diagram should be a comprehensive schematic, providing a detailed look at the electrical systems within the building. - Compliance: The diagram must be created in accordance with international standards. Familiarity with these standards is a must. - Deliverable: I require a high-quality, detailed diagram that I can use as a reference during the construction phase. Ideal Freelancer: - Proficient in Drafting: Experience in creating line diagrams, especially in a construction context, is highly desirable. - Knowledge of Elec...

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    I am in need of a Chemical Engineer for a large-scale industrial project. I'm looking to kickstart a new production line that involves processing masterbatches of PP or PE, utilizing CaCO3 from our mining site. I only need the description of the process and formulation. Key Responsibilities: - Design and develop the entire production process for these masterbatches - Formulate a viable plan that includes the integration of CaCO3 - Ensure the process is cost-effective while maintaining high product quality Ideal Candidate: - A skilled chemical engineer adept at large-scale industrial production - Experience with masterbatch processing, particularly with PP or PE - Proficient in developing process descriptions and formulations - Knowledge of materials science, especially with regard...

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    I need the assistance of a skilled architect to create comprehensive drawings for a mother-in-law suite addition to my house. They need to be able to provide digital certified signings and seals. I have drawings completed but can't get them signed or seal correctly. The added structure will include a bathroom and an enclosed patio with a separate bathroom. The specifics of the project are: - A traditional design that complements the existing house's look. - Layout: I prefer separate rooms instead of an open concept. - Ensuring that the drawings conform to local building codes and regulations. The ideal candidate for this project will have a background in residential architecture, experience with traditional design styles, and a solid understanding of building regulations. Str...

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    I am seeking an civil engineer for supervision of my house construction project in Bangalore North. Your primary responsibility would be to maintain the quality control and carry out inspections on work done by contractor and architect. Key tasks include, but not limited to: - Ensuring the quality of all building materials used - Overseeing the standards of construction workmanship Ideal Skills & Experience: - Civil Engineering diploma/degree - experience in site supervision, quality control, and inspections - Comprehensive knowledge of construction processes and building materials - Attention to detail and commitment to quality - Based in or willing to commute to Bangalore North, Ramamurthy Nagar, Kalkere If you match these criteria and are dedicated to ensuring top-notch work...

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    We are seeking an experienced engineer to review a Peak Storm Water Runoff Report and prepare a briefing that translates the technical details into clear, non-technical language. The ideal candidate must also be willing to testify in court or provide a deposition based on their review. Responsibilities: - Review and analyze the Peak Storm Water Runoff Report for accuracy and completeness. - Create a concise briefing that explains the report's finding in layman's terms. - Testify in court or provide a deposition regarding the report and briefing. Qualifications: - Professional Engineering (PE) license. - Expertise in stormwater management or hydrology. - Strong communication skills for conveying technical information to non-engineers. - Experience with legal testimony.

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    I'm looking to add on a modern styled kitchen to my home and require a structural assessment to ensure the feasibility and safety of the project. Addition is approximately 350 sq with a daylight basement. I have plans designed and available for review. Beams, foundation, footers, joists, ridge beam, wall construction, connections have all been specified. Attachment to home will be recessed beam with face mount joists. Vaulted ceiling. Soil is clay with rock. I already have layouts and 3d rendering completed I need an engineering review to proceed. I will be able to do all permit submission.

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    I'm in need of a skilled civil engineer. I have a 0.75 acre plot of land in Lexington, NC that I need help with. Specific requirements: - House Layout: I'm looking for a single-story design. The house should be optimally placed on the lot for maximum space utilization and aesthetic appeal. - Septic System: The septic system needs to be designed and detailed. Although the system is already laid out on a plan, I need an expert to ensure it's set up correctly and efficiently. - Driveway: I'm envisioning a gravel driveway for the property. I need a professional to plan and lay this out, ensuring it's both practical and visually pleasing. Ideal skills for this project include: - Civil engineering expertise with a focus on residential projects. - Proficiency in AutoC...

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    I require assistance with two exercises related to the resistance of materials. - Specifically, I need solutions for problems regarding double integration methods. - The structures being analyzed are simply supported beams. - These beams are subject to point load. Freelancers considering this project should be proficient in materials resistance, structural analysis, and specifically, have experience working with double integration methods and load bearing calculations.

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    My front brick veranda has incurred structural damage and requires a building engineering services to design rebuild

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    As a P.E. Mechanical Engineer in Florida, I'm seeking a professional to support me in the detailed engineering stage of my project involving Pressure Vessel and Storage Tanks for industrial processing. Key Responsibilities: - Assist with detailed engineering tasks related to the Pressure Vessel and Storage Tanks, ensuring they meet all regulatory requirements and industry standards. - Conduct structural analysis and design to ensure the performance and integrity of the vessels and tanks. - Collaborate on the development of the HVAC system design for optimal functionality. Experience and Skills Required: - Professional Engineer (P.E.) designation in Mechanical Engineering. - Proven experience in detailed engineering projects, specifically involving pressure vessels and storage tanks ...

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    I'm in the process of setting up a new project which requires the services of a general contractor capable of handling new construction. The project will be from scratch, so I need someone who can assist with all aspects of the construction process. Key tasks and responsibilities include: - Coordinating and overseeing the construction project - Liaising with architects, engineers, and other professionals involved in the project - Managing the construction site - Ensuring the project is completed on time and within budget It is crucial that the contractor has experience with new construction projects. In addition, the ability to handle architectural design is a must. The ideal candidate should possess strong project management skills, a keen eye for detail, and excellent communicati...

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    I'm searching for a civil engineer with a wealth of experience in site planning and development. My project will focus primarily on the development of residential buildings, specifically single-family homes. An ideal candidate for this task should have: - A background in site planning and development, particularly for residential communities. - Ability to work with Rhino CAD - Proven experience in creating efficient and practical designs for single-family homes. - Ability to consider all important factors (e.g., site's physical qualities, public services, regulations) when planning and developing a site. Your main responsibility will be to provide a full development plan for our residential project, ensuring that it meets all requisite standards while maximizing the site'...

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    I'm looking for a professional who can provide an engineering stamp for a site plan for Utah State, USA, that is primarily aimed at land development. Key Responsibilities: - Provide an engineering stamp for the site plan - Ensure that the plan is in compliance with all relevant regulations and standards for land development It would be ideal if you have: - A background in engineering - Experience in land development or similar projects - Previous experience in providing professional stamps for site plans. Please ensure you're able to provide the stamp for land development purposes. Thank you.

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    Need an experienced and certified structural engineer for a comprehensive inspection of my less-than-a-year-old residential building located in the greater Nashville, TN area. Needs: - Thorough structural inspection - Knowledge of FHA's inspection criteria - Field experience with new constructions Expectations: - Confirm the structural soundness of the building - Validate the quality of construction Preferred but not a deal breaker: - Background in FHA's residential programs - VA approval NOTE: I don't have any specific areas of focus for the inspection. An overall assessment will suffice.

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    I'm currently seeking the expertise of a licensed Professional Engineer with a background in structural engineering. The primary goal of this project is to design a reliable and robust steel structure container base. Key Responsibilities: - Providing a stable foundation for the containers - Ensuring the structure can support a weight of 60 Tons - Considering the dimensions including the length and width. The design must be meticulously crafted to meet specific requirements and ensure the durability and reliability of the structure. Your role will be pivotal in guaranteeing the safety, stability, and effectiveness of the base. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Licensed Professional Engineer(with stamp) with a focus on structural engineering - Experience in designing steel structures t...

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    I am looking for an expert electrical engineer to design a power system for a commercial building. Your task will encompass various aspects including: - Conceptualization and design of efficient power system. - Use of electrical looping for house wiring. - Application of AutoCAD software in blueprint design. Experience with commercial building projects is pivotal. Proficiency in AutoCAD is essential, as is a robust understanding of power system design. Knowledge about electrical looping is vital. Your design must ensure efficient power distribution for the facility.

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    I am looking for experienced construction professionals who can provide assistance with the construction and execution phase of my single family house project. In more detail, I need someone who can: - Oversee the construction process ensuring that it is in accordance with the drawn plans - Coordinate with sub-contractors - Ensure adherence to local and national building codes - Stick to set timelines and budget The ideal candidate for this role would have hands-on experience in construction of single-family homes, superior project management skills, a thorough understanding of building regulations and most importantly, a keen eye for detail. Please note: having a valid license as a general contractor or a similar role will be an advantage. If you can demonstrate similar project ex...

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    I'm in need of a skilled engineer who can perform mechanical calculations specifically focused on stress analysis for components made of metals. Key Points: - The primary goal of these calculations is to evaluate the stress levels within the metal components. - The calculations should be aimed at ensuring the components can withstand the expected ranges of stress they'll face in their application. The ideal candidate for this project should possess: - Profound knowledge of mechanical engineering principles, especially in the domain of stress analysis - Experience in working with metals, understanding their mechanical properties and how they respond to stress - Proficiency in relevant software tools for conducting and interpreting mechanical calculations. I'm looking for...

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    I'm in need of a Structural Engineer who can provide a professional Certification Letter for a concrete beam. The certification should verify the concrete beam against Material properties. The engineer should ideally: - Be Certified in Civil Engineering - Have experience with concrete beams - Understand the material properties necessary for a safe and sturdy concrete beam Overlaying the detailed specifications and requirements will be key to this project. Your professional assurance on the material properties of the beam will be greatly appreciated.

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    I'm in need of a freelancer who is highly proficient with Abaqus software for structural analysis. This project involves meticulous modelling of research-based mechanical structures, with utmost emphasis on high-level details and finer elements. Pertinent skills and experience necessary include: - Proficiency in Abaqus software - Standout structural analysis capabilities - Advanced technical knowledge in mechanical parts modelling - Understanding and ability to implement complex detailing in models - Research background beneficial Working with me on this project will entail illustrating intricate mechanical part structures, requiring both fine element mastery and a keen eye for details, with the results offering valuable insights for further research purposes.

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    I'm seeking a qualified structural engineer who specializes in complex structural elements including materials and load calculations. The job entails creating an engineer stamp drawing that is as comprehensive as possible. Key requirements for the project include: - Expertise in detailed structural engineering - Profound knowledge in working with different structural materials - Proficiency in load calculations The drawing must be developed according to the New Mexico building Therefore, the ideal candidate should have experience with this building code. Please only submit a bid if you can confidently fulfill these requirements. The project is in New Mexico and must be stamped by a licensed Engineer

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    I'm seeking a qualified structural engineer who specializes in complex structural elements including materials and load calculations. The job entails creating an engineer stamp drawing that is as comprehensive as possible. Key requirements for the project include: - Expertise in detailed structural engineering - Profound knowledge in working with different structural materials - Proficiency in load calculations The drawing must be developed according to the New Mexico USA regulation. Therefore, the ideal candidate should have experience with this building code. Please only submit a bid if you can confidently fulfill these requirements. The project is in New Mexico and must be stamped by a licensed Engineer

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    I am in need of a skilled drafter capable of designing a two-storey house that is compliant with my local building regulations. Your delivery will be a set of drawings in PDF format. The house will be situated on flat land. Key project requirements include: - Proficiency in creating comprehensive and clear PDF drafts. - Knowledge of local building codes. You'll need to integrate these regulations into the design. - Expertise in designing structures for flat land terrain. Details related to the landscape must be taken into account. Looking forward to receiving accurate and professional drafts from experienced freelancers.

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    I'm seeking an experienced structural engineer to design a Structural Engineered plan for a metal covered porch (approx 440 sq. ft.) for an outdoor seating area at the rear of our residential home. The design should be aesthetically appealing, offer protection from the weather, and incorporate these specific features: - A metal roof The expert should pay particular attention to the structure's safety and stability. The ultimate goal is to create a comfortable, visually appealing, and functional outdoor space. Relevant experience with similar projects is a must-have. I look forward to your proposals and recommendations.

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    As a commercial property owner, I am looking for an expert who can provide me with accurate labor and material cost estimates for a construction project of about 1,000 and 5,000 square feet. Key Requirements: - Detailed cost estimates for both labor and materials. - Knowledge on commercial property construction. - Knowledge of local building regulations and standards Given that I didn’t provide specific construction services required, you will need to be able to evaluate all aspects of the construction process. Therefore, proven experience in architectural planning, structural work, and interior finishing within this size of project will be beneficial.

    $250 - $750
    $250 - $750
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    I'm looking to significantly alter the structural layout of my kitchen. This doesn't include new appliance installations or storage additions; primarily, it's the layout that I want to be changed. While I don't have a specific design style in mind yet, I'm open to your professional suggestion. Ideal candidates for this job should be experienced in structural modifications, kitchen remodeling, and creative problem solving. An understanding of layout efficiency and practicality would be a bonus.

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    we require a third party engineer’s report stating that they have verified the installation meets or exceeds the minimum requirements of the IRC with regard to reinforcement size and placement. The report must be stamped and signed by a licensed engineer. More details: What is the purpose of examining the residential home's block wall? Identify structural issues What level of detail do you expect in the structural issue report? Basic overview of issues Are there specific areas of the block wall you are more concerned about? Foundation

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    I'm seeking a diligent, detail-oriented professional to conduct a thorough FHA inspection of a manufactured home. The focus areas are as follows: 1. Foundation and Structural Integrity: Ideally, you should have proven experience and knowledge in assessing the foundation and structural integrity of manufactured homes. You will carry out an initial FHA footer inspection along with a comprehensive final compliance inspection report. Key Elements: - Home set-up procedures - Condition of the foundation - Assessment of the home's anchoring system 2. Specific Concerns: While inspecting the above, pay special attention to the evenness of the floors, any potential cracks in the foundation, signs of water damage, and the overall stability of the anchoring system. Skills and Experience:...

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    I have to do the structural calculation of a reinforced concrete beam, I already have the 3D model and the distributed load values ​​of 50kg/m. I need to be able to understand up to what load the beam can hold. The document you see in PDF is only a preview. the beam is long 71 m. I can pass you 3D files and 2D beam sections. I'm only looking for expert people, I don't respond to those who don't read the advert wells

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    Need to provide plans for a concrete retaining wall that is 7 feet in height. Its purpose is twofold; firstly, to create leveled areas on my property, and secondly, to enhance its overall aesthetics. Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in designing and planning retaining walls - able to stamp off on the work being performed Key Project Details: - The wall height wall height will be 7 ft - The construction material is concrete block

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    Home Safety Standards for Elderly 2 días left

    I'm looking for a professional to create comprehensive guidelines that ensure the safety and well-being of the elderly in their homes. Key points are as follows: - Addressing fall prevention is a top concern. This involves assessing potential hazards around the home and recommending strategies for minimizing the risk of falls. - Accessibility is another significant focus. The standards should aim to enhance the ease of movement within the house, ensuring that the elderly can navigate their living space comfortably and safely. - Medication management is crucial for the elderly, and the standards should include recommendations for organizing and administering medications safely in the home environment. I'm seeking someone with a background in occupational therapy, interior desi...

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    Modern Home Design and Interior 2 días left

    I am in search of a skilled individual who can provide a comprehensive home design service. The project encompasses the following aspects: - Architecture Drawing: I require a professional who can create a detailed and innovative architectural drawing for my home. The design should reflect a modern style and must be tailored for residential use. - Structural Drawing: It's crucial that the candidate has experience in generating structural drawings. The structural design needs to be solid, ensuring the safety and integrity of the building. - Interior Design: The ideal freelancer should also possess interior design expertise. This includes planning and designing the interior spaces of my home in a way that complements the modern architectural style. In summary, the project involves a ...

    $1266 (Avg Bid)
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    I am seeking a skilled Autodesk Revit professional who can assist with the architectural design of an industrial building. Astra Engineering has been contracted by the Department of Cultural Affairs and Heritage (DCAH) to create a 3-storey state-of-the-art library that will serve as a centre of learning, cultural exchange, and community engagement for future generations. Your manager, Stephen Choo, has appointed you to assist the architect and the structural engineer in completing the draft of the building. Your manager has sent you the following email regarding this project.  Dear <<Name>> I hope you are doing well.  As you are aware, Astra Engineering has been contracted by the Department of Cultural Affairs and Heritage (DCAH) to create a 3-s...

    $110 (Avg Bid)
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    I am seeking a civil engineer to perform design and structural analysis on GRC panels to be used for commercial buildings. The main goal is to ensure a structural durability of 20-30 years. Skills and Experience: - Strong background in design and structural analysis. - Proven experience working with GRC panels (Both with steel subframe and grc ribs). - Extensive knowledge of commercial building requirements. - Certificate of professional competency in civil engineering. The selected freelancer will be expected to: - Conduct a comprehensive structural analysis for various projects. - Suggest necessary anchor/bracket types and sizes for various panels. - Assess the structural durability of GRC panels. - Provide expert advice to enhance performance, durability and safety. By applying t...

    $1773 (Avg Bid)
    $1773 Oferta promedio
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