a custom shirt making website. On the first screen the user is prompted to select the type of shirt he wants (types are set from admin panel), such as short sleeve, long sleeve, wear untucked, etc. Then when he selects this, he is taken to the next screen. User is presented with a flash image of a person (must be responsive and work on laptops and mobile screens). You will have to create the image. There will be clickable areas marked in a nice way. When he clicks start button, the focus will change to the first area (the neck), he will be shown a close up of the area (see page 9-14 of this document [url removed, login to view]) and he is able to enter the measurement using an input box, and is able to toggle inches or centimeters. Once that is accepted, he will be taken to the next area, and so on until all measurements are completed. Each measurement will also have option of 'skip'. Once all are done, he is taken to a screen where he gets to pick the material from a 'add to my order' button. Several materials are there (added from admin panel, such as cotton, nylon, etc). He can only select one item (but can change his mind). Then he is taken to the next screen, where he picks the color and pattern, here categories are first displayed. (added from admin), such as plain, checkered, striped, crazy patterns etc, and when the category is picked he will then see the actual fabrics available, and he gets to pick one. Once this is also selected, then he is taken to the next screen to select styles of 1) collar 2) pockets . When everything is done, he is presented with a summary of the selections, and asked how many he wants of this item, and is given a 'add to my cart' button, and is also given option to create one more shirt (where is given option to use same measurements and other criteria with option to change somehting , such as pattern or style). This continues until he can select 'iam done' instead of 'continue shopping', and then he is taken to a information screen where he enters his shipping and billing address, email and paypal and checks out. Ideally this would be on wordpress with woocommerce, but php mysql built from ground up is also acceptable. ONLY FOR EXPERIENCED PROGRAMMERS. Budget 300.

Habilidades: Flash 3D, MySQL, PHP, WordPress, XML

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