Great Social Network Website

Looking for a well experienced company to design from ground up a social network website. Only those who can meet serious deadline and agree to our terms shall engage. The final Website design should have all the features, capabilities and functions that are currently offered by Facebook, in addition to the generalized list of the functions, modifications and modules below to be included. The Website look and feel should be unique and not in violation of any copyrights.

Please check the detail section for more info..

## Deliverables



**Project** **Outline:**

The code should be modular and well-organized and should not contain any encrypted files. You must ensure that all work together cohesively. Layout flowchart of scripts interconnection and well documentations. The code must be understood by our programmer and by your colleagues in case of future enhancement of [url removed, login to view] want it done professionally with a stable code; professional look and feel; solid security; easily expandable and scalable and must be able to expand to around +10 million members.

Let us know how long it takes to complete it perfectly, No saving time on bad and unintelligible code. We assume the work will be completed within a 45 day window. You must stay within this agreed time schedule. If you are beyond the deadline date, We reserve the right to void and null the agreement and get escrow funds back.

Prototype: The analyst will create a non-working mockup of all pages/screens in the final software. Creating a prototype makes it easier for the us to visualize the final software, and reduces misunderstandings.

Document: The analyst will create a document describing everything the final software will do (other than what is documented in the prototype.)

All software must be self contained and no outside services should be required. This project must not rely on any services that require monthly (or other) fees for live video chat or other services. No outside services. No other software to buy.

We require complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done (so that We may modify it in the future). A backup copy of all deliverables is to be sent electronically by way of upload to the final server used for installation AND zip file should be sent via email.

All rights to this software belong exclusively to us and you will provide 100% of the source code upon completion. You will not be able to sell or share to second or third parties or licensed out any part of any of this project code or design with anyone else. All deliverables will be considered "work made for hire" under U.S. Copyright law. Buyer will receive exclusive and complete copyrights to all work purchased.

We will pay you by escrow after completion, upload and debug. Escrow will be released to you when the full website is complete, debugged, and uploaded to my server to our satisfaction and assured stability for 90 days.

Installation guideline: Any website server-side deliverables must be installed by the developer company will move the software from the place it was created ( QC environment) to where you will use it (production environment) in ready-to-run condition in the Buyer's environment.

Testing: The installer then tests the software to make sure that the installation was done properly and completely.

We expect developers to be available during the programming by Voice IP phone, chat and email. You should be able to communicate well in English.

We would also be interested in mid to long-term support and further development with your company.

**Project generalized detail list:**

This list is only provided for reference and is NOT complete. This project requires you to assemble a complete list of functions and features once you are chosen and we enter into an agreement.

All logo , diagram and images needed for the project.

Every activity on the website should have IP souce stamp to viod spam and track bad members

Heavy duty Backend admin CP that allow admin to perform any required task to manage, control, monitor the website smooth operation and management.

Should work with all recent browsers i.e: IE 5.x , latest version, Firefox 2.x, latest, version, Safari 4.x - - latest version, Google Chrome

Screen resolution at 100% to fit screen from 1024x720

Multi Languages support

Interactive web page with Web 2.x support.

Mobile support for iphone, ipad, Blackberry .

Support for future API pluggin

Antivirus scan to any uploaded or download file (photo, video, music, attachments)

Function that allow members to import their data form facebook or twitter or MySpace to Oursite.

A future to let FB Twt G+ .. Friends know when you are online at Oursite

Member should have a choice betwn six Theme for webpage skin

Ability to use RSS feed for e.i news, market, weather ..

Search engine built in the site with word and pharse memery

Support and automate placing ads on Oursite such as Pay per click (CPC) or per 1,000 impressions with payment center.

Member should have a choice betwn six Theme for webpage skin.

Facial recognition API connection.

Complete Accounting meters for the whole site and per member.

Clear Capatine and a sign button.

Each member can import content from other social network sites

New member registration or use Connection via Facebook, Twitter, g+. yahoo360

Yahoo, Gmail, Msn, Aol confirm.

Like Rate/Rank

Unlimited revisions during development.

**1st page:****


15pixal high row at the top of the page with Home url at most right.

80 pixel height light color with site logo, email box (inside the box: User ID or Email in light gray) , and password (inside the box: Password in light gray) login button and forget password, keep me login check box.

20 pixal Blue row.

Body of the page: Large image showing social networking gathering, front page with option/apps name rounded by the box.

Create account with green OK showing after filling each box

First name, Last Name, Country name filled based on IP lookup, in addition provide scroll down list of country for people joining from abroad. Email box, Password: with strength level check, Sex: add tiny picture of man or women, Age: with scroll down list, agree to term and condition check box,

Create a USERID for new members by following:

Check for availability of first name initial +last name

Check for last name initial letter+firstname

Check for firstname+lastname

Check for firstname+year of birth

Check for lastname+year of birth

Check by taking the user ID part of the email provided and create a user ID for the member.

Create USERID and an email field for member, store both USERID and USERID@[url removed, login to view] in database, display USERID and email address for member and let know that they can login with either.

Clear Capatine and a sign button

Send Mail verification, (You\'re almost there

To complete your Fatbook registration, please click this link:

Complete your registration request).

Connect via Facebook, Twitter, g+. yahoo360

Yahoo, Gmail, Msn, Aol confirm.

Six Most popular members without login can view their wall

Activities going inside the site

Six Most popular destinations without login can see


**2nd Page:****

** At the top:

10 pixal high row at the top of the page with Home url at most right.

80 pixel height light color row with site logo &

**Rotating paid Banner** 60x360 (up to 20 banners) OR Add place for about ten member pictures to add their pictures by click on {add me here} button, this will cost 100 credit point per day OR scrolling banner ads

20 pixal with icon like alert notification, Message notification icon (envelope)

**Sreach box** (should seach for all members, once type any letter should populate from first letter member type, all people start with that letter as in FB.

**Mini user picture for member**, member can toggle btwn home page and member page by clicking on either member picture of sitelogo, frist name should show next to picture.

**Account** (drop down menu) to perform all member accounting and profile management such as ( Profile, Photos, My Account, Member settings, Privacy settings. Preference).

Very important revenue generator (review to make it simple )

**Credit** (View, Mange Support credit system for member to allow the site to sell credit to members.

Members can earn credits as follow:

Bring a friend earn 5 credit.

Post a blog event, topic, destination earn 2 credit.

Buy credit with payment center with max 250 credit per month.

Six levels, highest credit level first (one King, one Queen, 10 Prince, 50 VIP, 100 Plus member, the rest are regular member)

Each member get 25m free disk space, additional 10m for $1 per year

Design three columns page (three column layout)

1st column:

**Member photo** (150x150) ( If mouse pass by picture location remind him to upload picture or take a webcam photo for him if picture is not loaded or the member can set to be blank with \"Ask me for photo\" showing in place of photo)

+**Who is around** ((once click on it, it should open with below sub items) (data in 2nd column)

Each member should be displayed in row with interact and view functions

-new (recently created member say 1 month)

-online (currently login in)

-popular (depends on credit earned).

{ highlight picture (enlarge picture, show age, city and what they like).

Right click will show: Add to Fav, Send Gift, block, unblock.

Double clicking on member will show profile info to include (Google or Bing Map to pin their location,

(Add to Favorites, people that you would like to easily find in the future by

just select " Add to Favorites" .)}

**What's new** (running detial of online activiies)

**Wall** ( function Career info, work history should show in)

**Friend** (Friends management, Invite friends, Friend suggestions)

**Notes** (create note, manage note) note should appear on the wall.

**Group** All functionally for group

[My group] [Create Group] [Edit Group]

[Group Detail][Members][Group Setting] .[My Group]

**+****Communication** (once click on it, it should open with below sub items)

- Mail (inbox, sent, draft, spam, trash .. with tabs in 2nd columns)


-SMS messages (Allow user to send SMS to friend via Mobil)

+**Applications**: (once click on it, it should open with below sub items) each sub item should have related info with tabs, with a search tab in each sub item by popular, by date, by name).

--Blog (submit Blog, manage Blog, Search Blog in public in public)

-Jokes (submit Jokes, manage Jokes, Search Jokes in public page)

-Poll (submit Poll, manage Poll, Search Poll in public page)

-Events (submit Events, manage Events, Search Events in public page)

-Forum (submit Forum, manage Forum, Search Forum in public page)

-Articles (submit articles, manage articles, Search Article in public page)



+**Entertainment** (once click on it, it should open with below sub items) each sub item should have related info with tabs, with a search tab in each sub item by poplure, by date, by name).

-Video with categories

-Music with ilike support, with categories

-Photo (in addition to the normal, 3D Photo editor, facial recognition on API)

-Live show,

-TV and radio feed

--Games (Hot Games, Popular Games, Latest Games , Android Games)

**+Travel** (once click on it, it should open with below sub items) each sub item should have related info with tabs, with a search tab in each sub item by popular, by date, by name).

-Find Travel Body

-Destination( tabs for travel advice, explore, meet friends, travel photos, discover different countries)

-Trip post (allow member to post his last trip what he like it, share experiences, travel videos, travel photo, search destinations)

-Travel Form Discuss with travelers

-Activities post different travel events and activities happing near you

-Hotel find,

-Travel agents (post travel agent name and contact without tour offers.)

**+Career** **


-Job seeker, (Post resume, find job),

-Recruiter (Post a job (with payment center), search talent))

Payment center to charge \\ per job post and ability to increase it.

**+Past Memories****

** -collection


- people,



**+Mother Talk****

** -Healthy Habits

-Dinner Ideas.

-Positive Kids Parenting

-Living Healthy,

-Stay Energized)

**+Pro Que** **


-Ask Med (People can log question, people can answer, search box)

-Ask law

- Ask art

**+Brand Talent** (important initially free, later with payment center)

Arrow up to click on to go up immediately from button of page.

Button Tabs (Tabs must not reload when page load) tabs for functionality.

Chat box on button right corner.

Starting from the left corner add global icon to support **menu** selection for Word, SS, PP, FTPcleint, mailclient, Filemanger to unload files (.jpg, .pdf. and all Microsoft Office docs). ). -SMS messages (Allow user to send SMS to friend via Mobil) -Video conferencing (allow friends to chat with webcam and text )

**Favorite friends,**

**Favorite WebSite**

**Send Gift** (icon gift to be send among members)

**Send Ecard**, (Get well 20 credits, Birthday 20 credits, Graduation 20 credits, Friend 20 credits?.)

**Hot Topic** and share page by [url removed, login to view]

Left side Tabs ( tabs must not reload when page load) tabs for the following functionality:

**Feedback** bug report, abuse report, helpdesk support, comment?)

**Advertise** ( all advertisement methods that is available to members)

**Help Center** ( to include all help and guideline how to use the site.


** 2nd column

Start with welcome row, the full name of the member, user ID, future field for email userID@[url removed, login to view] and counters like count of people viewed your page, number of friend count.

All data appears in 2nd columns while 1st and 3rd columns are fix:

3rd clolumn

100x160 Credit Ads with click image to add credit as in

Accounting meters

80x160 for credit sytem

3 Banner spot on 3rd columns 80x160

5 Sponsored ads column with auto feed

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