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A 2.5D image format developed to provide an illusion of a 3D object on a computer monitor. The image is built up of layers with a base layer and 255 'z-layers'. When the image is moved from the center of the user's monitor, the layers offset from the base layer depending on their height (For example, layer 100 will offset a greater distance than layer 5) giving the visual illusion the viewer is looking 'around' the object. The base layer (Called layer0) has each pixel written in the file as 4 byte chunks (Smaller depending on the colour depth) stating red, green, blue and alpha respectively. The z-layers (Collectively called layerZ) immediately follow and each pixel is a 10 byte chunk, 2 bytes for x and 2 for y, the standard rgba, a 'Z' value (Indicating what layer it's on) and a check byte to ensure the file hasn't been corrupted. The original test program for this was written in C#

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I am a young aspiring website developer and programmer. I have self taught myself programming from a very young age and have specialised in C#, PHP, Javascript and MySQL with expanded knowledge of C++ and Java. I have also programmed in UnrealScript. As well as a broad knowledge of computers and computer programming I also have worked for a few years on Photoshop including photo editing, digital painting and pixel art.

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