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PHP developers team

Development 7cTech ... Your perfect business solution. There is no point in reinventing the wheel. Say your company wants to outsource an ecommerce website. This has been done so many times before and instead of trying to write the code from scratch in some programming language like PHP, we would go for the most affordable option of using an opensource PHP script like oscommerce, virtuemart, etc. In case you require some specialized features that are not available in opensource scripts then the next best option would be to use a paid script like Pinnacle Cart, Magento, etc. and customize it. Most of the websites we develop use either opensource or paid PHP codes as the foundation for implementation. Our clients have outsourced php website development & customization for ecommerce, realestate, classifieds, galleries, blogs, forums, intranets, extranets, dating, photography and social networking websites. The scope of work for such projects ranges from very simple tasks

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