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Initial edit of a dissertation abstract. Showcases heavy editing, involving grammatical and punctuation corrections, sentence restructuring and some rewriting.

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Someone once called me a grammar-Nazi. I'm not sure why they thought I'd be offended: I *am* a grammar-Nazi (though I prefer the term "grammar guerrilla"). I'm also a spelling zealot, punctuation partisan, and fiend for logical flow. The rest of the time, I like to edit books. Combine two degrees and a command of several languages with fanatical grammatical tendencies and a love of technology, and you have someone who has been writing, editing and translating for more than twenty years. I've done my time in the corporate world; now, I'd like to spend that time putting my skills to work for you. I am available for general and substantive editing (line-editing) of both fiction and non-fiction. My editing philosophy rests on an holistic combination of style, readability, flow, logic, and consistency, in addition to grammar, spelling and punctuation. Proficient in both UK and US English, I am familiar with the spelling and grammatical variations peculiar to each, as well as those of a number of regional variants. In addition to English, I am fluent in Afrikaans and German, and have a good working knowledge of Dutch and Flemish. Although a qualified, experienced and accomplished technical translator, editing remains my first love. My inner linguistic lunatic has also found expression as a technical writer, with extensive experience creating business and technical documentation, including strategies, business cases, specifications, policies, training documentation, reports and templates, primarily in the IT, Engineering, Telecommunications, and Financial Services spheres.

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