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Figure 1 shows a digital system that contains a number of 16-bit registers, a multiplexer, an adder/subtracter unit, a counter, and a control unit. Data is input to this system via the 16-bit DIN input. This data can be loaded through the 16-bit wide multiplexer into the various registers, such as R0, . . . , R7 and A. The multiplexer also allows data to be transferred from one register to another. The multiplexers output wires are called a bus in the figure because this term is often used for wiring that allows data to be transferred from one location in a system to another. Addition or subtraction is performed by using the multiplexer to first place one 16-bit number onto the bus wires and loading this number into register A. Once this is done, a second 16-bit number is placed onto the bus, the adder/subtracter unit performs the required operation, and the result is loaded into register G. The data in G can then be transferred to one of the other registers as required. \\n

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