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How to do viral marketing by handing out flyers

A flyer distribution campaign is extremely effective if it is executed properly. In this post we teach you how to get maximum value out of it.
11 mar 2020 • Lectura de 5 minutos
Actualizado el 16 mar 2020 por BluLitmus
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Flyer marketing done right

Due to the ever-changing nature of marketing, it is important to continuously evolve your marketing strategy to stand a chance against the thousands of brands competing for the same audience.
The downside of the digitization of marketing is the chasm it creates between the consumer and the seller. Human connection is an integral element of the sales cycle so if you neglect it you greatly impede your conversion metrics. 
Handing out flyers on the street is a great way of harnessing the connection between sellers and consumers in a time efficient manner. Eye contact and a warm smile is all it takes to form this bond, followed by a quick delivery of a vibrant and expertly designed flyer. 
In this post we'll discuss the benefits of flyer marketing and show you how to effectively execute a viral campaign using freelance flyer distributors. 
But before we dig deeper into how you can use flyers, let's understand the concept of Viral Marketing. 

What is viral marketing?

Viral marketing is the process of a marketing campaign rapidly growing by means of interpersonal recommendation. Consumers sharing the campaign with others allows it to progress far beyond the limits of paid marketing.
It is now commonly perceived that the best way for a campaign to go viral is for it to gain traction online. However, the physical marketing efforts of Uber and other delivery solutions have proved that handing out flyers can indeed generate marketing virality. 

Executing a flyers marketing campaign 

An effective flyer campaign is not just a matter of putting together a quick flyer design and then handing them out to as many people as possible, there is a comprehensive strategy that must be followed.
Here are some of the foundational objectives you need to cover before hitting the streets:

Great design

Every successful marketing campaign definitely rides behind the coattails of great design. It is important to put in the time to ensure that the design you’ve created effectively represents the message of your brand. For the highest chances of going viral, think outside of the box for your design approach. Utilize unconventional elements like humor, art, and pop culture references to have maximum impact with your marketing design. If you're not a talented designer, hire a freelance designer to create your flyers for you.

Discount codes and referrals

Discount codes are one of the most effective ways to get your message across and improve the conversion rate of your marketing campaign. Using discounts allows customers to feel like they are making a purchase that gives them the best possible value. 
This is an essential feeling for your customers to have before they make the purchase. Allowing a further affiliate sharing set-up where users get discounts by sharing with others is even more effective because of the marketing wave it can generate. This is one of the best ways to effectively offer discounts while capitalizing on the cyclic sales wave it can potentially generate for your business.

Keep content brief

A flyer should communicate your value proposition as quickly as possible. People spend no more than a few seconds perusing a flyer so you should aim to convey the entire message of the flyer within those few seconds.

Benefits of flyer-based marketing campaigns

If you're still on the fence about flyer marketing, here are some insights to convince you to try it out. 

Low cost

Physical flyer-based marketing provides a great cost-effective alternative to digital marketing options because of the low cost of physical flyers and a lack of advertisement budget.

High engagement 

By handing out physical flyers, you will be sure of the fact that the readers are going to give the flyer a look and read your message. This definitely cannot be said for other methods of marketing. 

Effective spread 

Due to the nature of physical marketing, it is definitely bound to be highly appealing. People love to share interesting content with their acquaintances. With the right mixture of affiliate offers and referral-based discount codes, you will be able to propagate the spread of your flyers to a massive audience. 

Memorable impact

Physical marketing has the ability to induce a memorable touch and rapidly spread around. People are definitely more likely to remember a flyer they physically read compared to a digital post they saw on social media. 

Strategizing your distribution

The areas you choose to distribute your flyers need to be strategically targeted, you cannot just station your distributors in populated areas, you need to consider the unique characteristics of each region.
Follow this distribution framework to ensure you get the most value from your physical marketing efforts:

Geographical targeting

Make sure you choose distribution locations that do not inconvenience others, you want people to be interested in your offering and not annoyed at your distributors. 
An example of a poor choice of distribution location is public transportation stations. People in these geographical locations are almost always in a mad rush to catch their train or bus, you don't want to inconvenience them by forcing them to walk around your distributors.
Instead, you should choose locations where people are in a more relaxed and open minded state. Wide open common areas such as sidewalks that are not too close to traffic signals work best.

Demographic targeting

Before commencing your flyer campaign you should execute thorough market research to have a crystal clear understanding of your target audience. This will allow you to only target people that fit your ideal customer persona.
For example, if your business is a puppy training school, you could place your distributors near parklands and have them prioritise people walking their dogs when handing out flyers. Not only will this make your marketing campaign laser targeted, it will also maximise your ROI by ensuring the flyers are only handed to those that are actually interested in the content.

Monitor the weather forecast

Flyers are not waterproof and the distributors are not robots, so poor weather will have a huge impact on the execution of your campaign.
You should, therefore, keep an eye out on the weather forecast leading up to your distribution campaign.

Hiring freelancers to distribute flyers for you. 

Hiring Freelancers to distribute your fliers is the most cost effective option because you don't need to pay any job posting costs, simply post a job on the freelancer platform and freelancers will bid on your project.
When your freelancers are on duty, you could have them take a photo of their location to prove that they have arrived. But if you want to take your monitoring further and give yourself the greatest peace of mind, you can have them download a GPS mapping solution on their phone such as map my walk and have them send through their activity summary after each shift.
map my walk for flyer distribution
The software indicates the date of each completed activity so you won't have to worry about  any misinformation
This is an especially useful solution if you require your distributors to walk along a specified route.

Final thoughts

A flyer distribution campaign is a fantastic marketing solution that achieves high engagement and a wide spread at a low cost.
Take the first steps towards your viral flyer campaign, hire a graphic designer and freelance distributors and reap the benefits.  
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