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How a freelance interior designer can make your house the home of your dreams

Interior design seems like a task that requires face-to-face contact, but technology is quickly changing the way interior designers can work
27 mar 2020 • Lectura de 8 minutos
Actualizado el 14 dic 2020 por Ruchi B.
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Remote interior designers can actually help you get the home of your dreams for a fraction of the cost

So, you're stuck at home, and there's an awful lot you'd like to change about it. That table shouldn't go there; that picture needs a new frame, and your walls are all of the wrong color…
At least, that's your initial impression. You know that there's a lot more to do for sprucing up your home. From changing the furniture to getting new pots for the plants, there's a lot you'd like done.
But there's a catch.
Your city is under lockdown due to the Covid-19 crisis, and you can't go out and hire an interior designer. In fact, your mobile phone and computer have become your windows to the world.
What do you do in this situation?
The answer's pretty simple if you think about it. Just hire a freelance interior designer to do up your place. You already have all the required tools at your disposal. So why not put them to good use, and work with an interior designer remotely?
Wait, you don't know how to? Not to worry! Today, we are here to give you the complete lowdown on how to work with freelance interior designers.
Using this guide, you'll become an expert at working with interior designers remotely. What's more, we'll even share some tips regarding the best methods to work with freelance interior designers.
So, let's get started.

Advantages of working with freelance interior designers

You might be tempted to go about designing your home yourself. Frankly, that's a commendable decision. After all, nobody knows your home like you do.
But understand this: there's always an added advantage to hiring a professional. With remote interior designers, you get all the flexibility you want. To gain a better understanding of what the advantages of working with freelance interior designers are, let's explore the following points.

Freelance designers are professionals

You might have all the DIY chops in the world, but nothing beats a professional eye. And with freelancers, the concept is taken to the next level.
Freelance interior designers have the advantage of working with a large number of clients. Therefore, they have the required experience and know-how which is needed to decorate and refine your home according to your tastes.

They meet your expectations

Unlike home contractors who promise the world and then deliver little, freelance interior designers are always on point with their delivery.
They assess your home with professional acumen and let you know in clear terms what can and cannot be done. With a freelance interior designer, you get what you ask for, and even more.

They save your valuable time

No matter how great a DIY-er you are, decorating your home requires time (unless you have a magic lamp). With a plethora of available options, you just can't hope to find the time to find the right ones in time (hope you got that!)
Freelancer’s interior designers can take care of it all for you. With their professional acuity, they can find the best options for your home. And do it faster than you could ever hope to.

They'll lighten your load

Let's face it: Interior designing is a stressful job. If you try to do everything yourself, then you're bound to trip up at one point.
Hiring a freelance designer helps to lighten your load and transfer some of the burden. By taking up the creative workload, they leave you with the simple matter of execution. Which brings us to our next point.

They preserve your creative freedom

On-site interior designers usually do everything from the planning to the execution on their own. This leaves you watching on the sidelines, with very little control over what is being done.
With remote interior designers, the equation is entirely different. As they help you from a distance, you get the advantage of their professional expertise. At the same time, as the execution is left to you, you get to preserve and include your creative inputs.

They save you money

The final point on the list may surprise you a bit, counter-intuitive as it may seem. But the truth is, freelance interior designers cost you a lot less than an on-site designer.
Not only that, but interior designers also save you a ton of money by helping you with their professional inputs. This saves you from wasted attempts and unnecessary spendings.
Now that you're convinced about why freelance interior designers are your best bet, let's take a look at how you can work with them to get the best results.

Getting the most out of freelance interior designers

The very thought of working with remote interior designers can be difficult for most people. This is understandable, as most homeowners are used to working with on-site interior designers.
Traditionally, interior designing has been a process that requires extensive physical involvement. When you're working on something as important as your home, you're bound to think twice before hiring someone to change it.
However, there's hope. Technology has made life simpler in ways that were not possible before. Thanks to the advances that we've made, we can now successfully implement changes in our homes with the help of interior designers on the other side of the world.
But, the task, though commonplace today, is easier said than done. When you're about to work with a freelance interior designer working remotely, there are certain steps that you're expected to take from the get-go. Unless you do that properly, you can't expect to get the best results.
To help you out with that, the following are some tips that you should consider when working with a remote interior designer.

Research well and settle

There are a large number of interior designers working remotely. How do you know who is best suited for you? The task, though seemingly daunting at first glance, is actually doable. Here's how you get the best results.
First step, research well. As we've already mentioned, there are a large number of interior designers working remotely, and just choosing the cheapest option can actually do you more harm than good.
So, take time to scour the internet and assess the work of remote interior designers. Visit their portfolios and take special notice of their past work. Do you like what you see?
An unbiased assessment of the interior designers' work will allow you to understand whether this designer will be suited for your home. If you find that the way they've handled past projects appeals to you, then that's a clear indication that this might just be the one you're looking for.

Refer to the reviews

Working with a remote interior designer means you're probably never going to meet them in person. This calls for your getting a clear idea about what it would be like to work with them.
For best results, it's recommended that you go with a freelancer who has a good reputation in the community. You're going to work remotely with the professional. Hence it is essential that you settle on a person who has a known history for delivering timely and appreciable work.
Online reviews can be a great source of understanding the work ethic of a particular freelancer. Therefore, it's imperative that you read through these carefully for any red flags.
If possible, you can also contact some past clients of the designer you have chosen. This will help you get a better understanding of whether that particular designer will be able to deliver what you require.

Know what you want

Once you've settled on the right designer, now it's time to pay special attention to what you want. Before you contact any interior designer, it's essential that you have a clear idea of what exactly you'd like changed in your home.
For this, the internet can be your greatest ally. You need to spend time looking at various designs and possible interior configurations. Look at interior arrangements, understand the color palettes, and decide on the look and feel of what you like.
It makes the work of the designer that much easier and better when the client can provide them with a clear idea of their expectations. This not only sets out definite targets but also gives the designer more direction. Ultimately, it improves the outcome.

Provide the essentials

Next, you need to provide the freelancer with material that they can work with. Since you're working with a remote professional, there's no scope of them physically visiting your location. As a result, you need to provide them with a clear digital view of your home.
Using technology this can be done pretty easily. First, you need to provide an accurately measured floor plan of your house.
Along with that, you can string together detailed images or videos of your house, which gives the designer a clear view of what they are working on. And of course, you need to send them your recommendations regarding the design changes you'd like to see. It can help to put together a mood board of designs you like.

Establish clear communication

When working with a remote designer, establishing a clear line of communication is essential. This can be easily done using video chat, email, and the plethora of online communication channels that are available today.
Also, be certain to establish clear expectations regarding what you would like done. Don't leave anything unsaid. This way, both parties are certain to be on the same page. Which ultimately will result is better deliverables.
You also need to communicate to your designer which stores you can source products from, and your budget for buying furniture, accessories and supplies.

The final product

This is perhaps the most confusing yet important portion of the entire task: what does a remote designer offer you as the final deliverable?
Since they are not going to be able to actually come down to your place and do the needful, they need to provide you with clear guidelines regarding how you can implement their recommendations.
This can range from full 3D renderings of the design they've chosen for your home, 2D sketches with guidance on where to place each element, color schemes that they'd see implemented and a list of suitable furniture and accessories.
Of course, the final deliverable list will vary based on the designer's work process. It's best you have a clear talk with the professional about the end products.

Final words

Redesigning your home can be rewarding, on more levels than you can possibly imagine. Yet often you might back off, thinking that hiring an interior designer is beyond your means.
If you subscribe to the same school of thought, then it's time to re-evaluate your assumptions. Freelance interior designers can work wonders with your house. Even at a distance, these professionals have the knowhow and acumen required to ensure that your home is the perfect reflection of your tastes.
So, what are you waiting for! Get started today and settle on the right interior designer for your home. Who knows, you might just stumble upon a professional who turns your house into the home you always dreamt of.
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