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Top 10 Squarespace website designs of 2020

With Squarepsace you anyone can create a stunning website. In this post we break down the top 10 Squarespace web designs to inspire your creation
22 may 2020 • Lectura de 6 minutos
Actualizado el 24 jun 2020 por Ruchi B.
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The top Squarespace website designs to inpsire your new website

With a sleek user interface, responsive templates, and codeless site creation process, Squarespace is quickly becoming the website builder of choice the world over. So much so, that even international businesses are now using Squarespace sites.
Enticed? We'd be surprised if you weren't. After all, Squarespace brings website creation to the masses like never else. Now anyone can build a clean and responsive website with no coding knowledge thanks to Squarespace's intuitive drag and drop builder.  
If you're considering building your own website with Squarespace, check out our list of top 10 Squarespace websites to inspire your creativity. You'll be encouraged by the surprisingly powerful capabilities of the platform. 
So, let's get browsing.

1. UberEats

ubereats website design
First up is UberEats, the food delivery wing of app-cab giant Uber. With such a stunning gallery of such delicious food, it's almost impossible to assess its web design without slightly drooling. 
The landing page is simple, sweet, and minimalistic, focusing on the mood and the food to go along with it. The site works equally well on mobile as well as desktop and informs the user about everything they need to make a decision.
The UI is clean, and based on Uber's signature color scheme. Navigation is a breeze, and everything from the ordering to the payment process is oriented to help the customer. 
Now let's talk about functionality. There's a sign in area for returning customers and an advanced ecommerce funnel which includes delivery address specification. 
Kinda surprising that Squarespace meets the complex ecommerce requirements of UberEats.
The Squarespace platform is surprisingly customizable for a drag and drop builder thanks to its acceptance of custom CSS, HTML and Javascript coding. With a savvy web developer by your side, you can personalize your Squarespace website beyond its standard limitations. 

2. Fotio

fotio website design
Next up on our radar is, a photography product website. The site is based on an all-white theme, with simplistic yet effective text explaining the product, and a plain slider showcasing different photo-shots.
When most websites try to cram in as many things as can be fit into a single page, goes the opposite route. The site excludes all unnecessary bells-and-whistles, keeping only that which matters the most.
By focusing on the key points, Fotio effectively delivers its key message. Navigation is simple, and the site works well on desktop as well as mobile.
Compared to the advanced functionality of UberEats, Fotio's web design is on the other end of the design spectrum. This demonstrates the diverse capabilities of Squarespace, whether you want a simple website or something with a little more oomph, Squarespace has got you covered.

3. Lumio

lumio website design
Simplicity seems to be the forte of Squarespace websites, and the 
Lumio's clean web design echo's the philosophy of its slogan, Life Simplified.  
The site opens up to beautiful product visuals that draw in the user with muted aesthetics. Prominent white fonts explain the products depicted in cartoonish drawings, with black and white menus standing stark against a clean backdrop. 
We were particularly impressed by the site's multilingual variations, clean navigation, and perfect mobile responsiveness. 
The ecommerce branch of Lumio is established on a subdomain, There is a considerable SEO benefit of hosting an ecommerce store on a seperate domain. The SEO strategy for the subdomain can be purely transactional, separate to the educational content strategy powering the primary domain. 
It's good to know that Squarespace supports website hosting on a subdomain. Lumio is, therefore, inspirational design for aspiring ecommerce website. 

4. Seriously Unsweetened

seriously unsweetened website design
Seriously Unsweetened cleverly utilizes its minimalistic web design to reflect the simplicity of its brand identity
Using a York family template, the company creates an extremely minimalistic yet impactful design. As you scroll down the page, the graphic elements fade into place to create a highly enjoyable user experience. 
Sporting nothing but colorful images of their products and punchy descriptions, the business delivers a no-frills message that's sure to resonate with sparkling water aficionados. And website design freaks all the world over.
Seriously Unsweetened delivers its unique selling propositions through graphical story telling. Squarespace's award winning template designs make graphical elements really pop so photo gallery websites are ideal for the Squarespace platform.

5. PICA Things We Love

pica website design
A combination of modern aesthetics and creative styling, the PICA website successfully reflects the creative design portfolio of the business.
All of the products are represented by large eye-catching tile designs that change when you hover over them. A subtle yet clever method of rewarding visitors for engaging with your website.
The site also incorporates a fully functional ecommerce platform. Navigation is fluid, with a gray-and-white menu that lays down the essential links. Minimalistic yet motley, this site is truly unique in an artsy way.

6. Lyft Blog

lyft blog squarespace
While the entire Lyft system is too large to run on Squarespace, its blog is a perfect candidate for the service. The articles are arranged in a grid-like manner which makes the site super-easy to navigate.
The Lyft blog is a prime example of a Squarespace site that's integrated with a pre-existing system. The blog resides on a subdomain of the main Lyft site and serves as a gateway to its primary service.
It's also a powerful testament to the customization level that can be achieved with Squarespace. An attribute that elevates Squarespace above the rudimentary customization capabilities of rivals such as Weebly. 

7. Active Schools

active schools website design
Up next, we have the Active Schools website, which is a prime example of a clean, simple, yet highly informative website design.
The site is creatively arranged and conveys a professionally scholastic atmosphere to its visitors. Low on design elements, the site focuses on the informative copy, appealing icons, and educational themes.
If you're looking to set up a no-frills website that just does the job, then this site can be the appropriate reference to build upon. 

8. Simple Shape

simple shape website design
If you were to analyze all of the ecommerce websites on the planet, you'll notice three primary features: high-quality product images, user-friendly navigation, and a secure, safe, and simple checkout process.
And this is all that Simple Shape has to offer, the site delivers on its promise brilliantly. A simple yet informative homepage, an easy product section, and fluid navigation, this is a clean-cut ecommerce site that's intuitive, easy, and even fun to transact with!

9. Susannah Rigg

squarespace website design
If you're looking for inspiration to create a personal portfolio that shines, look no further than this website. The homepage features a clean, black-and-white image that delivers a powerful message, and the simple yet informative copy tells the user exactly what they need.
Another strong point of this website is the navigation, which allows the user to get exactly where they want to. Plus, the call to action button on the homepage is positioned prominently and boldly to draw in the visitor.
Coming to the portfolio page, we see a card-based layout that displays all images and textual information in perfect visual synchrony. Clear, clean, and crisp, this is a website that you must visit.

10. The Style Transplant

the style transplant squarespace design
Last up on our list is the Style Transplant, a lifestyle blog that makes good use of responsive designs and parallax scrolling. But the main focus of this blog has to be the content, which is given the center stage by the design template.
At the very outset, the homepage helps to showcase all content pieces effectively. The blog posts are displayed in a crisp manner, and the recent posts are highlighted in chronological order.
As with all the other Squarespace sites, this one too has a white backdrop and relates the author's stories effectively. Navigation is simple, and the white-on-red menu is particularly stylish, which is what the blog is all about, after all.

Elevate your Squarespace website to an elite level

While this list of Squarespace website designs is inspiring, it should also bring to light a harsh reality, the competition for a stunning web design is fierce.
So what could you possibly do to get noticed with such big players in the game? 
Work with professional Freelancers to take your Squarespace website to new heights. Here's how.
A freelance graphic designer can garnish your entire website with stunning graphics and videos. 
A freelance web developer can tinker with the CSS, Javascript and HTML coding to customize your Squarespace website beyond its default boundaries.
A freelance content writer can craft captivating copy that will effectively deliver the unique story of your brand and make it unforgettable.
A freelance SEO specialist will help you generate free traffic to your website through a content strategy that will force you up the Google ranks.
A freelance SEM specialist will help you launch highly efficient paid marketing campaigns that deliver the highest ROI.
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